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In response to the disruption caused by

COVID-19, we’ve adapter our coaching model to provide Remote Master Coaching .


We make it fast and easy to get expert coaching

when you need it and how you need it.


We bring a variety of disciplines across the enterprise together to advance enterprise agility and improve technology stability and resilience.  

How Lean, Agile and DevOps can accelerate the global response to Climate Change


Video Link to the extended version of the presentation to the Lean Global Connection summit Nov 30 2021

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Services we offer include:

  • Master Coaching

  • Gemba Walks & Assessments

  • Transformation Guidance

  • Bootcamps

  • Master Classes

  • Mapping & Kaizen Facilitation

We contributed  the content on

High Performance Leadership

and Management  


Taking you behind the scenes of our

work to support ING Bank’s

successful leadership and

management system transformation

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the free chapter

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Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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Keys for success in your

Digital / Agile Transformation


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     formerly Lean IT Strategies, LLC

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